“The quality and cost accountabilities mandated through the ACA are driving health care organizations to develop new models and systems of delivery that are increasingly physician-dependent.”

Whitlock DJ, Stark R. Understanding Physician Engagement – And How to Increase It. PLJ, September 2014


“…in the current healthcare environment, there still remains an inadequate supply of physicians and hospital executives with the training or experience in leadership and management skills required for successful leadership of integrated health systems.”

AHA and AMA Position Paper: Integrated Leadership for Hospitals and Health Systems: Principles for Success, 2015


The Health Care Conundrum

How can healthcare organizations and physicians work together more effectively?


Physicians are being called upon to bring their clinical expertise to bear upon the management of the health care system in collaboration with other hospital leaders. Health care leaders are realizing that they cannot affect change and implement new processes without physician leadership and physician engagement. However, many physicians are cast into leadership positions with little to no training. Also, as many as 60% of physicians report some degree of burnout and over half would not recommend medicine as a career to interested students! The biggest reason? Increase in required non-clinical work, mandates to use disruptive technologies, and loss of autonomy. These, too, are the very things that are threatening success of healthcare organizations in a rapidly changing health care environment - and you are unable to get the physician workforce to get engaged. It's the making of a perfect storm.


The problem is even greater for smaller and/or rural hospitals with a limited physician workforce. These organizations provide tremendous value to their communities. Bailey Healthcare Solutions, LLC can help these organizations by providing physician leadership and proven expertise in much needed areas such as medical staff governance, Joint Commision readiness, EHR/CPOE implementation, hospitalist group management, physician related issues, process improvement, patient satisfaction, evidence based clinical protocols, peer review and professional practice evaluation, etc.


Whether you have specific projects, short term needs, or long terms needs, Bailey Healthcare Solutions, LLC can provide the expertise to navigate the Health Care Conundrum.


Physician Led Healthcare Quality Experts


Sentinel Event Investigation, Review, and Process Improvement


Peer Review


Case Review


Utilization and Medical Necessity Review


Second Opinions


Provider Behavior Review


Patient Safety/Incident Review


Medication Errors




Medical Staff Affairs

“…67% of organizations rely on 10% or less of their medical staff to serve as leaders.”

Betbeze P, “Physician Alignment: The Collaborative Care Disconnect,” HealthLeaders Media, September 2011


“To an extent, leadership is like beauty. It is hard to define, but you know it when you see it.”

Bennis, W. Drucker Foundation and Jossey-Bass, Inc; 1998.